The Dress Edition

Buyer's Edit, The Dressing Room

This weeks buyer’s edit would have to be one of our favs! Why you ask?


Every gal’s individual style defines what her must have dress looks like!

Some of our favourite dress moments featuring some of our favourite fashionistas:

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Buyer’s Edit #7

Buyer's Edit, The Dressing Room

*The DRESS Edition*

This week our buyer focuses on the key style in every ladies wardrobe . . .the dress!
From casual to formal, here are her top 8 picks:

The Berta Dress – Navy Stripe

The Marigold Dress – Gold

The Poppy Dress – Berry

The Zeta Dress – Aztec

The Jasmine Dress – Wallflower

The Catalina Dress – Musk Bold Stripe

The Ulysses Dress – Gold

The Ester Dress – Navy Stripe

Our motto this week : “a girl can never have too many dresses ;)”


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