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DIY Body Lotion

  • 100% natural shea butter (about 1/4 amount in mixture) shea butter is shiny so don’t use it as the main base.
  • cocoa butter (the main mixture)
  • Red Palm Oil (use lots as long as it doesn’t make the mixture too thin)
  • Almond Oil (it’s possible to a whole bottle) probably about 1/3 of the red Palm Oil

Measurements depend on personal preference, mixing until you’re happy with the texture!

Now you can show those legs off with confidence!

Natasha in the Charlie's Angle's Mini Dress

Fashions On The Field

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Looking for Pretty and Feminine on race day? Tali Roth’s “Marilyn Munroe”

dress in the shiraz has been worn with the “Chai” hand made head piece by Pinelime.

The choice of a light coloured headpiece with a bold coloured dress creates a really fresh and girlie look!

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1 on 1 with Melbourne Designer Tali Roth

The Dressing Room

We were lucky enough to squeeze in a Q&A with one of our favourite designers at The Dressing Room Tali Roth.

We learnt a little more about herself and her journey to becoming a fashion designer.


Tali Roth



Who do you consider your Fashion idols:

Karl Lagerfeld, Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth and Kim Kardashian – interesting mix but hey!

At what moment did you know you wanted to be a designer:

From when I was about nine years old I was sewing things onto my t-shirts and was very argumentative with my Mother about what I would and wouldn’t wear. I just always saw it as a hobby and I didn’t think I was going to pursue it.

Where do you look for inspiration:

I get a lot of inspiration from overseas travel. When you go overseas you witness different cultures, colours, trends etc and then each person has something different that resonates with them. I also read a lot of international magazines and spend a lot of time reading blogs.

What was the inspiration for the latest collection “Palm Spring Special”:

The latest collection was inspired by Mad Men. I was in Bali last year watching mad men on my lap top and there was an episode when Don Drapper went to Palm Springs. The mowed lawns, the architecture and the beautiful women inspired my entire collection.

How would you describe your label’s style:

I would describe my label as sharp, sophisticated, bold and sexy.

What sort of person do you imagine wearing your label:

I imagine that Tali Roth appeals to a confident and fashion forward type of woman with a keen sense of style. I think the Tali Roth girl is on trend but doesn’t want to waste her money on fast fashion items that they won’t be able to wear next season.

What did you find was the greatest challenge  when  launching your own label:

I think the greatest challenge is the balance between being ‘commercial’ and going with your creative instincts.

What is the most important item in your beauty bag:

My MOST important item is my pawpaw lotion for my lips.

Colour must of the season:

Powder Pink… often looks great with vermilion. I’m also a huge fan of Aqua and of course Black and White together, it is so mod and timeless when you put a black and white colour blocked outfit on.

Do you have any style tips for our readers for this season:

I think this season is all about colour! A coloured high waisted short with a plain singlet and a great little platform sandal is where Melbourne Summer Style is at. When it comes to night-time: a 70’s inspired mini like The Hollywood Starlet Dress or Marilyn Munroe Dress with a nude wedge is the perfect party look!

Check out Tali Roth S/S11 in store now!