The Great Gatsby

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With such a buzz for The Great Gatsby at the moment,

we couldn’t resist getting into the spirit and sharing some our favourite hair and malke up “gatsby” inspired looks.


kate-boswoth--a1920s-hairstyles-for-long-hair cara-delevingne-the-great-gatsby-premiere-cannes-and-opening-ceremony-ftape-01 Great-Gatsby-Wedding-Makeup-02-600x893 images m-KATE-BOSWORTH-620x413c ماكياج-عروس-1920-عيون-مظللة،-بشرة-فاتحة-وشفاه-قرمزية


Attractive and effervescent style at its finest!

x x x

How We Wear It


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Bright & Bold

Sophie is wearing the carrara tangelo FRANNY top with sky LORI shorts & TOMMY wedges.

We love the NEW ARRIVAL handmade neck piece with fresh water pearls.

It creates a statement with the amazing coral and turquoise that is featured

Definitely adding that to our favs LOVE LOVE LOVE!

x x x

How We Wear It


Anything that brightens up your day is worth noting!

Whether it’s a sweet kiss, seeing the sun shine, having a really good coffee, wearing your favourite colour

Or even a bright outfit to put you in the right mood…

Maria has gone monotone with citron being the colour of choice!

The cobalt LOTTIE shirt adds a statement contrast to the RICA dress & TOMMY wedges.


x x x