Long Locks

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Who at some point has said, “I can’t cut my hair, I’m growing it!”? We know we definitely have!! The reality is that the longer you leave your hair growing without grooming, the more length you will have to cut off when you do eventually give the hair salon a visit . . . and then you’re back at square one (wanting long hair)!


We’ve put together a list of hair care tips that we’ve learnt from some of the best

in the industry to help you with growing a long and healthy mane:

  • Maintain your locks with a trim every 6-8 weeks
  • Use cream treatments suitable for your hair type to help repair and maintain your lush locks846117-1_l
  • During the cooler months blondes should opt for a high lift tint to rest their hair from bleach products
  • Use a thermal iconic hairdryer to cut down drying time which means less split ends from your hair being exposed to scorching heat
  • 846103-1_lMaintain your colour and condition of your hair by using the right products to suit your hair.
  • Always use a heat protecting serum before applying heat to your hair, this will reduce the amount of split ends you get between visits to your hairdresser.
  • Cut back on split ends and work with what you’ve got – find the right products to work with your hair naturally to avoid constantly using flat irons, curling tongs etc to style it.


Hair Affair

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How should you be wearing your hair this winter? From big waves to slicked back looks,

according to Vogue Beauty these are the hottest hair trends for Winter 2013!


Tucked In




The Hitchcock Heroine Up-Do


“Real Girl” Hair


The Sleek Low Pony








Slicked Back


Punk Rock Rebellion

Which hairstyles will you be rocking this winter??

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Fun Bun

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You know it’s strictly FUN with a BUN! Nothing too ‘done’ means nothing too serious!

We’ve seen our fair share of up do’s, but who’s done it best without looking like they’ve spent 2 hours with a hair stylist?

Our top 5 undone buns :


Cara Delevingne


Elizabeth Olsen


Gwen Stefani


Jessica Hart


Julianne Hough

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Blonde Or Brunette??

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Twilight fan?

Or maybe just a fan of Dakota . . .

either way all eyes were on her at the

premier of Twilight’s Breaking Dawn (Part 2)

which was also the debut of Dakota’s new look!

Now here is the Dakota we all know and love;

And here she is, rocking her new locks at the ‘Twilight’ Breaking Dawn Part 2 premier!

So what do we think of her new look?

Do you rate or hate her new locks?

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A Touch Of Cuteness

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With lots of new kiddie things on their way, we just had to point out these G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S baby clips!!

The prettiest little touch for any special gal ❤

Musk Bloom

Mint Bloom

Confetti Bloom

These bloom hair clips have all been handmade and are exclusive to The Dressing Room!

Stay posted for more new arrivals in the kids department!


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Without The Hired Help

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We heard the other day on the news that Prince Charles had hired Kate Middleton a hair stylist to assist her on her trip to Singapore as her hair will need to be tamed amongst the humidity.
Now whilst we would ALL love hired help, unfortunately we aren’t all as lucky as the Duchess of Cambridge 😉

Here are a few ‘do-it-yourself’ styles we’ll be using through the sweaty months to come:

Easy peasy!!

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