DIY Flower Vases

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There seems to be a HUGE trend at the moment with ‘do it yourself’ flower vases. At one point in time re using a jar as a flower vase would of had people thinking “what the . . “! Nowadays it’s the uber-cool thing to be doing from home to cafes and restaurants! Here are some that we have come across that may inspire you in your decor.

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We’ve dressed up these amber bottles with a touch of twine for our Brunswick store:


Wall To Wall

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Some may have thought it died in the 70’s . . .but in fact wallpaper used sparingly as a feature is making it’s comeback in home decor. We have quite a history with this trend, as 10 years ago The Dressing Room was one of the first boutiques in Melbourne to heavily feature it. Today, you will still find it painting the walls of our GPO store!

Here are a few quirky prints we have came across:

There’s a lot out there, but Aimee Wilder‘s designs definitely stand out.

Happy Decorating!

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Keep It Green

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Good for you, good for the planet and lovely to look at of course, this is taking planting to a whole new level.

Our VM team have also started to implement a little green in to our stores!

Great for displays and a splash of colour…be as quirky and creative as your green thumb desires.