Not Your Average Up-Do

Fashion, The Dressing Room

How beautiful & unusual are these up-do’s?

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Big Buns, Little Buns …

Fashion, The Dressing Room

No we’re not talking about the kind you eat!

The infamous bun is ready for any occasion…

The slick and low bun, can easily be casual, dressy or great for a big night out!

The celebs are loving a couple variations, proving that a little mess can still work on a runway!

Right on top, very classy and perfect for a special event.

Blake Lively shows us how it’s done as usual!

Another version of the braided bun, again is great for everyday but also looks stunning for a night on the town!

To avoid a rock hard do we recommend L’Oreal Elnett hairspray for a soft “satin” finish.

There’s a mini size available,

perfect to squeeze into your handbag for quick touch ups on the go!