Autumn Sitings

Art, The Dressing Room

In some way or another, each of these art pieces tells a story of an autumn day!

You can’t help but fall in love with the season when you look at this artwork ❤

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Art, The Dressing Room


A spokesperson for the Manyung Gallery Group describes “Miertje’s art has a twofold impact on viewers of her work. First, because of the large scale and use of vibrant colours, the room is filled with energy and movement. Secondly being drawn in to closer inspection the work delights and amazes you with the miniscule detailing of abstract aerated bubbles, and then almost volcanic eruptions of transparent and intense shards of colours that immerse and mesmerize your eyes and thoughts.”







As night falls file copy

Miertje Skidmore explained “It can take up to 4 or 5 weeks from starting a painting, depending on the layers. In certain parts of the work to being sent on its way into the gallery, there are up to 8 layers and processes in different areas of any particular work.”


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Melbourne’s Charm

Art, The Dressing Room


famous for it’s boutique fashion, quirky bars

and of course… Melbourne’s street art!







Hope you enjoyed our little tour of Melbourne’s street art!

Why not explore Melbourne’s alley graffiti yourself?

The hot spots of Melbourne are;

Hosier Lane, Degraves St, Croft Alley and the famous ACDC lane!!

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A Life Less Dull

Home, Food & Body, The Dressing Room

Now we are not saying that tasks like doing the dishes are fun … but they can certainly be made more interesting!


We’re a little excited at The Dressing Room for the arrival of some quirky things for the home!



Art, The Dressing Room

This Dutch tattoo artist has started her own inky trend, but not only on the body –

 Angelique Houtkamp is also making her mark on wood panels, canvases, journals, bags, shoes and greeting cards to name a few.

It’s a steamy mixture of pin up girl – 20’s flapper – and nautical.

You can feast your eyes on more of this artwork on her website.

Enjoy 🙂

The Nick-Nacks That Count

Home, Food & Body, The Dressing Room

Our homes would be bare and unpersonable with out our individual little nick-nacks.

Although some say clutter is bad – we say if in moderation and it says something about you, then it’s great!

However, there is a difference between inanimate objects that define your household … and mess.

So here are some of our favourite ways to dress up our space!

What does your home say about you?

Cushie For Your Tushie

Home, Food & Body, The Dressing Room

Comfort has become an essential part of living.

But as we say with our clothing choices comfort does not have to compromise style!

It’s all about expressing yourself through your decor – whilst providing the up most comfort for your family and guests.

With white being one of the most popular choices for interior, a little comfy art is a great way to jazz up your couches!

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