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It’s difficult to believe that only months ago we were wearing little more than a pair of sandals and a cotton slip dress. But, if there is one thing to keep us dreaming about balmy summer nights, outdoor dinner parties accompanied by endless glasses of Sangria and slipping away to the beach for a weekend without enduring negative temperatures and potential hypothermia, it’s a bit of Mexican Dreaming.

So, if you’re finding yourself constantly reaching for the dial on the heater or sneakily searching flights to Cancun, we suggest you indulge in a little Mexi-inspo, too. For us, the love affair started with a couple of taco’s and a painting by Frida Kahlo. Quickly however, we discovered that the bright, fiesta-themed warmth can be kept year-round simply by engaging in a little redecorating.

Mexican Inspired interiors have been creeping their way up our ‘one-day-my-house-will-look-like-this’ list for quite some time. It’s one of those very few cases when less is not more, colors and textiles are permitted to clash and rustic DIY paint jobs are essential.

So, if the winter blues are threatening and you’re feeling in need of a vibrant change, maybe pretending you’re on the set of The Block is the best place to begin. To get the creative-ball rolling, we’ve decided to share a few snaps of our favorite Mexi-Inspired design ideas. And, when it comes time for a few decorative purchases, our ‘Hola Amigo’ tea towels, colorful Pom Pom Garlands and cushion covers in every pattern, color and print have got you covered.

Visit us in store or online to see why we’ve gone loco for Mexico. Join the craze and brighten your day.


Cushion Clash! The best thing about this trend is the more clashing, the better. Let your imagination run wild. Get the look: Check out our endless range of cushion covers: Stripes, zig-zags and every other print in between.


FEATURED ABOVE: Hand Screen Printed Cushions by Sunday The Label. Assorted colors and styles available in-store and online.


Cactus Garden: The best things about these little guys is they’ll grow in anything! Find an old pot, trough or basin and let the collection begin.


Not huge on the color? Try the trend in black and white. The triangle pattern and unsaturated hues says ‘sophisticated Mexican.’ Get the look: try our Ikat Zig-Zag Canvas Box’s (great for housing pot-plants or other miscellaneous items) or the Zig-Zag Print Cushion Cover in Black and White.


FEATURED ABOVE: The Ikat Zigzag Canvas box available in small, medium and large (in-store only), Hola Amigo Hand Printed Tea Towel and Pom Pom Cushions in Crying Cross  and Ikat Zigzag.


Tile frenzy: No pre-planned design required. Whether it’s a feature wall, bathroom bench or border to a mirror, grab the tiling cement and don the old overalls – your imagination is all that’s inhibiting you.


Take a seat: Your guests are going to need someplace to sit while the tequila is being sipped and the feast is being prepared. An eclectic collection of colorful stools is practical and eye catching. Get the look: Check out our range of Pastel Dipped Stools. The assortment of fun colors would make them a perfect addition to any room of the house, indoor our outdoor!


FEATURED ABOVE: Pastel Dipped Stool in white, black, mint, peach and yellow. These amazing oak wood stools are made to last and aesthetically appealing!

Hola, from the Amigos at The Dressing Room!


Painted Faces

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We absolutely love these shots by Dutch fashion photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, we couldnt resist sharing them with you!

1000w inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-11 inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-313x400 inez-van-lamsweerde-x-vinoodh-matadin-4 Inez van Lamsweerde x Vinoodh Matadin 2


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A spokesperson for the Manyung Gallery Group describes “Miertje’s art has a twofold impact on viewers of her work. First, because of the large scale and use of vibrant colours, the room is filled with energy and movement. Secondly being drawn in to closer inspection the work delights and amazes you with the miniscule detailing of abstract aerated bubbles, and then almost volcanic eruptions of transparent and intense shards of colours that immerse and mesmerize your eyes and thoughts.”







As night falls file copy

Miertje Skidmore explained “It can take up to 4 or 5 weeks from starting a painting, depending on the layers. In certain parts of the work to being sent on its way into the gallery, there are up to 8 layers and processes in different areas of any particular work.”


x x x

Melbourne’s Charm

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famous for it’s boutique fashion, quirky bars

and of course… Melbourne’s street art!







Hope you enjoyed our little tour of Melbourne’s street art!

Why not explore Melbourne’s alley graffiti yourself?

The hot spots of Melbourne are;

Hosier Lane, Degraves St, Croft Alley and the famous ACDC lane!!

x x x

Lighting Up Their Lives

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RxArt, is a New York charity focused on livening up children’s hospitals.

They’ve just held their annual fundraiser,

featuring Dan Colen who is currently installing his giant M&M sculptures

through children’s hospitals across New York.

And here’s a glimpse of the wonderful evening of fashion, art and fundraising.

We just LOVE that New York scene!!


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This Dutch tattoo artist has started her own inky trend, but not only on the body –

 Angelique Houtkamp is also making her mark on wood panels, canvases, journals, bags, shoes and greeting cards to name a few.

It’s a steamy mixture of pin up girl – 20’s flapper – and nautical.

You can feast your eyes on more of this artwork on her website.

Enjoy 🙂