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Fashion, The Dressing Room

As a child we don’t remember having much say in what we wore, however we always some how ended up replicating our parents style. Often we have looked back at childhood photographs and screeched with embarrassment thinking, “WHY mother, WHY??”. Gone are the days where dressing like mum or dad was the most embarrassing thing one could do, Burberry was all over it in their Spring 13 campaign featuring the very handsome Romeo Beckham.


burberry_spring_summer_2013_campaign1 Romeo-Beckham-for-Burberry-01 Romeo-Beckham-for-Burberry-03 Romeo-Beckham-Poses-With-Cara-Delevingne-In-Matching-Metallic-Macs-For-Burberry_s-Spring-2013-Campaign- romeo-beckhamm-burberry487643_10151528327101425_318083558_n

Like father, like son 😉

x x x


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