Braided, Sealed & Delivered

Hair & Beauty, The Dressing Room

Want to know the easiest quick fix to a bad hair day? Simple . . braid it! Growing up it was something our mother’s would do to our hair all the time, little did we know how stylish this would be as adults 😉

5873.weddingupdos4 abd502da7a519d4a_Alba.xxxlarge_1 amazing-hairstyle-different-braids-bun-blonde-colored-purple-pink-maron-french-braid-flower-braid-long-hair+(52)_large braid-hairstyles-44864 frisuren-8-420x540 4212.weddingupdos2 lace-braided-updo-mary-kate--large-msg-130567568327 Rihanna. 5873.weddingupdos4Looks like our mother’s were trend setters!

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