Leather Loving

Fashion, The Dressing Room

A leather piece is a forever item in your wardrobe, think of it as an investment! It doesn’t matter if the style is 1 year or 10 years old, you keep it because you simply share a love affair with it. Here at The Dressing Room, you know we LOVE our leather products. We love them for a good reason too. You will not truly fall in love until you have touched the leather we have in store.

Soft, light and feather like against your skin, they are simply luxe. Our buying team not only have a great eye for detail but also a high standard of quality, hence why they are so selective when it comes to choosing what will and will not make the cut. So what makes these pieces so special, especially the leather jackets?

Instantly they mold to fit your body shape. They are personal and for you only.

Head to our Brunswick or GPO store to invest in your next leather love.

You can also find the black Stevie Leather Jacket back in stock plus much more available online at our e-boutique!


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