The Melbourne Way

Fashion, The Dressing Room

We have a new photographer crush . . . AND it’s all about the fashion from the streets of Melbourne!

This Melbourne street style photographer is our new fav, capturing the most unique and interesting fashionista’s of Melbourne.


Can you guess where this shot was taken??

Melbourne makes for a GREAT back drop, don’t you think?

For a fix of Melbourne fashion check out this photographers work at “Meet Me On The Streets”

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3 thoughts on “The Melbourne Way

  1. I have to say they are rocking it down in Melbourne! I really really love the second picture. It is a perfect example of the fact that personal style is not only original but creative, brave and elegant.

  2. Love this post. The streets of Melbourne are full of people with wonderfully versatile expressions of personal style. As a local it’s something I get to see everyday, but these shots are great eye candy for all out-of-towners.

    And our fair city makes a pretty great backdrop for the photography.

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