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The BFA’s – ‘Brownlow Fashion Awards’

Without a doubt the hottest accessory at this years Brownlow’s was not the spunky players but rather the ‘bumps’ the WAGS were sporting! There is definitely a baby boom in the world of football at the moment, as we saw last night!

Red, white or lace were the noticeable common choices made by the wags:

And who else noticed a resemblance of the gown Lauren Poulter wore to the 2011 Brownlow’s?

Maybe it’s a ‘Lauren’ thing 😉 nonetheless we thought Lauren Newman looked beautiful in her red lace number!

Left: 2011 Lauren Poulter & Right: 2012 Lauren Newman

Generally we pick a stand out, however  with our two favourite gals Nadia Coppolino & Lauren Phillips not in attendance this year it was hard to pick that frock that made us go ‘WOW’!!

There were a few ladies that we loved for different reasons:

Kelsey Tomkins – the colour choices . . . dress, nails & lips ❤

Jessie Habermann – the perfect fit!

Renee Enright – wearing white whilst pregnant & looking this GOOD!

Who was your favourite and why?

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4 thoughts on “The BFA’s

  1. I thought Renee Enright looked amazing!
    Loved the red dress worn by the girl with the brown hair (sorry can’t recall her name) and there was a tangerine dress with black accessories that was fantastic!

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