The Wishlist

Buyer's Edit, The Dressing Room

With the countdown for this weeks buyer’s edit ticking away, we are left with only 3 DAYS to make our special purchases (20% OFF pieces selected by our buyer  will end on Sunday 9th September). So what must we have this week?

We’ve knuckled it down to the 3 pieces on the top of our wishlist.

The Top Three:

-Since Angelina Jolie’s leg got more attention then she said on the red carpet,

we haven’t been able to resist a double split skirt!

Rosalia Double Split Maxi Skirt in Black

-Life would be INCOMPLETE with out the perfect leather jacket, and with a limited 20% off who could resist..seriously?

Stevie Leather Jacket in Black

-Last but definitely not least, the must have spring shoe…every pair of feet deserves to be dressed up in these!

Tommy Wedges in Exclusive Wallflower Print

So they’re our top 3 choices, what are yours? You better decide quickly before you miss out on 20% OFF.


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