“Man Getter To Man Repeller”

Fashion, The Dressing Room

The respected genius behind fashion hit blog “The Man Repeller”, Leandra Medine, is quirky, chic, witty and never afraid of twisting an outfit on its head. We love the way she puts her looks together never failing to paint the streets of New York with a complete style.

 So casual, but she gives this outfit the “Man Repeller” twist with those amazing encrusted shoes and bracelets. Never be afraid to clash colours because those rules are just outdated. As Leandra would agree “More is more” just go for it!

 “Lessons in Layering”! Probably the biggest advocate for layering all of the clothes in your wardrobe.

Skirts on top of jeans, jacket upon jacket who would have thought?  But she looks so effortlessly cool!

 Even on her wedding day she managed to team her dress with a custom made white and gold leather vest.

We hear that the 23 year old even had her signature ‘Arm Party’ rocking as well.

 Classic black and white with an edgy twist, this outfit has all the investment pieces you want.

We love her. Can’t you tell? We would also love to raid her wardrobe. Hmmm a trip to her place in New York is in order.

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