Effortless Chic

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You know whether it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring you can’t go with out that perfect ‘maxi’!

Whilst the heat may generally bring hem lines up, nothing says “I’m stylish but I don’t try too hard” more then a

maxi skirt, basic tank, statement neck-piece and a messy top knot.

After all isn’t that what spring is all about…effortless chic?

A couple of our favourite maxi skirts this season are pictured above!

The Elsa Bold Stripe Maxi has ease and statement all in one whilst the Rosalia Double Split Maxi is a little

flirty and a little fun.


x x x


3 thoughts on “Effortless Chic

  1. All great looks, maxis should last when fall hits..where it can be paired with a jacket keeping us warmer or leggings underneath?

  2. do you have any maxi skirts like the one pictured above in the mustard colour, worn with white shirt and black Jacket?

    1. Hello Deb

      Yes we do. A great staple for winter with boots and leggings!
      We have some printed versions too. Check out “bottotms” on our online store. Or If you are in Melbs go to our Brunswick boutique! xox

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