Get Your Ears Ready!

Entertainment & Leisure, The Dressing Room

That’s right, The Falls Festival have just made their first announcement for their line-up!

And we are so excited to hear that some of our favourite bands will be in town!

Best Coast

The dynamic duo known to cook up an addictive brew comprising of surf rock, dream pop and cute-as-a-button lyricisms

have delivered another ode to their seaside home.

Beach House

By combining the sweeping pop orchestration of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, Beach House have become an act whose every

album gets filed in the “instant classic” section of your local CD store! We love that dreamy feeling they leave you with!

Boy and Bear

Breathtaking. Sterling. Peerless.

There aren’t many superlatives left that haven’t been used to describe the Aussie band Boy and Bear.

The Flaming Lips

More than a band, they’re the soundtrack to your latest musical religious experience.

The Flaming Lips, those eccentric folk from Oklahoma touched by genius and led by one man highlight reel

Wayne Coyne, are coming to The Falls Music & Arts Festival!


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