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Bromidrophobia – a fear of bad odors

I’m sure we all have a mild case of “Bromidrophobia” …

so we’ve picked a few scents that will fill your nostrils with something you’ll enjoy.

If you like sweet smells then Gucci’s Flora range is perfect!

Gorgeous Gardenia is a fruity blended floral, with a huge dollop of sugar!

If you prefer something a little more earthy Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois is for you!

It includes notes of yuzu, bergamot, violet leaf, violet flower, lavender, musk, patchouli, ambergris and oud wood. Although this sounds like alot – it’s quite subtle.

If you’re feeling a little undecided about your preferences, our friend Ralph has provided on option for all fragrance lovers!

The blue #1 is a sporty citrus floral with grapefruit and blue lotus.

The pink #2 is a fruity floriental with cranberry and Tonka mousse.

The yellow #3 is a “free spirited” scent with pear and mimosa.

And the purple #4 is a floriental with wild cherry and purple amber.

Something for everyone!

x x x


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