The Month That Was

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Another month passes, and can we just say Feb was full of FASHION!!!

There were the award ceremonies, New York & London fashion week,

the sad loss of a music great and much much more.

From the award ceremonies-

The Grammy’s:

The Oscars:


To the mourning of a music legend-

And onto international showcases of FASHION at New York, London & Milan Fashion Week-

New York, London & Milan

It was also all things wedding with the first major Bridal Expo in town-

Next month counts down a third of the year already gone, stay tuned for a wrap up of the happenings in March.

x x x

LEAP Of Faith

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Today is the day ladies 😉

According to tradition, being a leap year and all, today is the day ladies do the proposing!

You only get this opportunity once every 4 years, so get down on bended knee and pop the question.

If your not looking at being that serious, you could have a little fun with it and see how your man reacts 😉

Good Luck

x x x

How We Wear It

Fashion, The Dressing Room

If you have never been a leather person, this is the season to become one!!!

The hottest styles in the most amazing leather are gracing the floors of The Dressing Room.

Maria is wearing the new arrival GALA shorts in black leather with our must have shirt for the

season, the white ELISE shirt.

Love the fold detail on the pocket!

*Be sure to check out all the other beauitiful leather styles we have in store at both GPO & Brunswick*

x x x

Milan Fashion Week

Fashion, The Dressing Room

Milan Fashion Week presented elegance and poise with a sense of mystery and darkness.

It was also the stage for activists who blocked the entrance to the House of Versace

in Milan 5 minutes before the show, chanting “Fashion fascism”.

On a positive note one of our fav’s was the Bottega Veneta runway show!

x x x

How We Wear It

Fashion, The Dressing Room

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!

Some that does excite us (definitely NOT the rain) are NEW ARRIVALS!

Maria is wearing the new NADA top in the weave print with the comfy TYLER pants in nutmeg.

She has chosen mustard to accessorise wearing the PLAIT & METAL organic choker.

The choice of a bright lippy pops against the earthy tones Maria is wearing.

The Accessory Wheel <3 <3

x x x

Master Your Metabolism

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3 ways to feel great and get that metabolism pumping!

1. Boost metabolism every three hours with a “Power 3” plate.
One of the best ways to keep your metabolism working is to eat a small meal every three hours. The plate should have three small portions: one protein, one carbohydrate or fat, and unlimited vegetables. Small, frequent meals keep things moving; the simple act of eating stimulates your metabolism by triggering digestion. Every time your body digests food, it ramps up your total metabolic rate.

2. Turn up your metabolic thermostat.
Your thyroid acts as a metabolic thermostat. It releases hormones that play a major role in controlling your body’s temperature and the rate that your body burns calories. When your thyroid is working at its max, your metabolism will be sky-high. If your thyroid’s function is impaired, the metabolic rate slows down and leads to weight gain. The key to keeping your thyroid working hard is in eating good carbs, like whole grains, root vegetables and beans. Believe it or not, studies have shown that cutting out carbs from your diet completely can reduce thyroid function by 50 percent. So, make sure to keep complex carbs in your diet.

3. Build your metabolic muscle.
The number-one consumer of calories in your body is muscle. The more muscle mass you have, the more your body works toward burning calories—even when you’re asleep. It’s extremely important to maintain muscle during any weight-loss endeavor. A great way to build muscle is by doing cardio with light weights. This will keep your heart rate up while sculpting your body to be more lean and muscular

How We Wear It

Fashion, The Dressing Room

It is that time of year where we slowly start transitioning from

bright bold summery colours to deep, earthy winter tones.

Whilst the chill has not come our way yet, we are happy to strip back some of the new arrivals

and save the layering for when the cold does come.

Maria’s look:

The DISA leather skirt in Maroon

The BRIGITTA dress in Nutmeg (worn as a top)

The ZAPATOS clogs in Noir leather

Don’t forget this weekend if you are out shopping and spend $200 or more on new arrivals

you will receive a discount voucher to use off your next purchase!

*Enjoy the weekend fashion lovers*

x x x