Orange Morange

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Caramelised oranges

You will need: a small sharp knife, a saucepan, a hob and a serving dish

8 oranges
75g light brown sugar
½ table spoon of orange juice
long strips of orange zest

Segmenting is when you cut citrus fruit in such a way that you are left with each section of the flesh without any pith, seed, skin or membrane, it takes a bit of practice but once you get the knack it is a very satisfying process.  You can always slice the oranges if you are in a hurry, it will but much quicker, but not as pleasant to eat.

To segment cut off both ends of the orange with a small sharp knife.  Place the orange on a chopping board and slice off the remaining skin by working the knife down the sides of the orange, follow the rounded shape of the orange with your knife.  Once all the skin is removed slide your knife into the side of one of the segments then gently flip the segment out from its casing of membrane.  You should be left with an oblong slice of orange flesh with nothing else attached.

Lay the orange segments into your serving dish.

Melt the sugar in the small amount of juice. Add the slivers orange zest, these are made either with a zester or by cutting up a thin slice of orange peel with a knife. You can also add a small splash of Grand Marnier, orange liquor, if you have some on hand.  Let the sugar melt over a medium heat until it has turned golden brown. Pour the syrup over the oranges when it is still warm.  It will form a sugary, crunchy crust.

The caramilised oranges are delicious served with a good vanilla ice cream or with pancakes for crepe suzette.

Or they can make the perfect garnish for your main meal!

But our love for oranges goes beyond the caramelised kind!

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AMON maxi dress in Tangelo


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