Holiday Destinations in 2012

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Looking for an escape in 2012??


Diversity is what Malaysia is all about. From chaotic and modern Kuala Lumpur to the near mystical wilds of Borneo, there are mountains to tackle, beaches to bake on, coral reefs to dive and malls to shop. And wait till you meet the people. Malays live in rhythm to the mosque’s call to prayer, while just around the corner garlands of marigolds are sold in front of towering Hindu temples and the sweet smells of incense emanate from ornate Chinese Buddhist clan houses. Top off a multicultural day with an Indian curry, Chinese noodles, Malay rice dishes with spicy sambal or the region’s most famous fusion dish, coconut-curry noodle laksa.


2008 was a watershed year for Nepal – the rebels became the government, the kingdom became a republic and the king became a civilian. With the end of the Maoist uprising, trekkers are once again pitting might and muscle against some of the most challenging trails on the planet. Trekking in Nepal is one of those travel benchmarks, like seeing the Taj Mahal, or diving the Great Barrier Reef, or the first time you eat fried locusts. By the end of your trek, you may vow never to climb anything higher than the stairs around your home town, but the experience of the Himalaya will stay with you for a lifetime


New Zealand’s checklist of essential experiences remains as strong as ever. Spectacular landscapes abound, from sea-level rainforests to plunging glaciers, geothermal springs and barren volcanic plains. Add a hearty pinch of lens-friendly wildlife, proud Maori culture, and fine food and drink, and it’s easy to see why the natives are so chilled.

NZ is spearheading the ecotravel revolution, winning international accolades for its ethos towards responsible travel, from minimising visitor impact to involving locals in sustainable tourism practices. When you’re gawping at the spine-tingling vistas it’s good to know they’ll still be there for future generations


In the natural theme park that is tropical North Queensland, Australia, the essence of luxury has been captured at Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas. For here, amidst stunning examples of wilderness and natural beauty, exists true peace and tranquillity … and every facility the discerning guest may desire.
Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas


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