Summer Bod- Check!!

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A couple tips to get you ready for that summer bikini!

Eat regularly

No starving allowed! Plan your meals so you’re getting those 8,000kJ, and ensure that breakfast and lunch are on the menu every single day.

Burn kilojoules without realising it

We know you’re busy, so exercise by taking the stairs instead of the lift, riding your push bike instead of using the car, or walking wherever possible.

Choosy booze

At 30kJ per gram, alcohol contains almost double the kilojoules of protein and carbohydrates (17kJ/g each). If you have to, opt for a vodka, lime and soda (589kJ) instead of a piña colada (1,210kJ).

Sleep in

Research has found that too little sleep increases your appetite, while going to bed an hour earlier can reduce mindless late-night snacking.


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