A Really Handy Handbag

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5 Things a girl should always carry in her bag!

Aside from the obvious (wallet, phone, keys) there are a few other in-case-of-emergency
essentials that every woman should keep in the depths of their bag.

1. Mints
There’s nothing worse than bad breath… or a noisy gum-chewer.

2. Tissues
It’s something your mother always told you to take, but a pack of Kleenex sure comes in handy when you’re in the public toilet and you’re confronted with your worst fear: an empty toilet paper roll. Trust us on this one.

3. Perfume
Hide a multitude of smelly sins with a sample of your favourite scent… and give him something (nice) to remember you by as you drift past.

4. Hair tie
Sweaty hair plastered to your forehead just isn’t a good look. Always keep a hair elastic in your wallet (along with some bobby pins) in case you need to pull together an emergency up-do… and yes of course you’ll be as stunning as Nina Dobrev!

5. Painkillers
BYO chemist and keep a strip of Pandadol or Neurofen in your purse for everything from headaches to hangovers.


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