Fake Bake!

Hair & Beauty, The Dressing Room

Did you know it was Coco Chanel in the 1920’s that made a glowing tan the lust of every woman after returning

from a Mediterranean holiday looking ever so bronzed?

You can have that summer glow all year round without damaging your skin!

There’s a vast range of tanning products available, none of which result in melanoma

(or looking like a character out of Willy Wonker)!

Some you may like to try:

St Tropez “Bronzing Mousse”- this particular product won a beauty award in 2010 for “Peoples Choice”.

Depending on the size of the bottle it can start at around $40

Guerlain’s “Self Tanning Spray” for the body- this self tanner is known to give a natural bronzed colour

rather then leave you looking like an orange. It is a little more pricey at $50

L’Oreal “Sublime Glow”- is a cheap and effective option at only $10 for a bottle. This leaves a nice golden tan

with a slight shimmer for those who want an extra glow.

For this years Melbourne Cup Carnival don’t hit the sunbeds, try the safer option instead!


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