Art Attack

Art, The Dressing Room

Currently in Brunswick we are supporting our local artists by showcasing their art work in our windows.

Come down and check out our window, displaying the beautiful work of artist Stuart Amos

Artist Stuart with his artwork titled "The Sakura Fairy"

Stuart is a local from Brunswick who has been painting since he was a child. Without any formal training of any kind he is self taught, learning entirely from observation. Working predominately with acrylics on canvas, he describes his style as photorealism with a surreal edge.

This particular painting is called “The Sakura Fairy”. It is basically a Japanese cherry tree in blossom. Sitting on the end of the branch, almost disguised within the blossoms, is a small fairy with a cheeky smile. The painting was done for his wife who is depicted as the fairy.

Stuarts wife in the form of a fairy (very cute)

The beautiful "Sakura Fairy" displayed in our window at The Dressing Room, Brunswick

This exhibition is only on for a limited time, come down and check out the beautiful pieces on display.

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