5 ways to feel good this Sunday

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It’s Sunday!

And no one should be down in the dumps on the best day of the week!

1. Eat a big (but healthy) breaky!
“Sunday Breakfast” is a common phrase, and for good reason.
It’s the one day when you can take time out to cook something bigger and better than just your Vegemite toast!
So crack out the eggs, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes and cook up a storm!!

2.  Get outside!!

I know, it’s windy, or cold, or some other excuse but just being outside for a little while can make you feel so much more alive!
And there’s really no shortage of things to do…
How about some street shopping?
Or sitting outside for your cafe lunch!

 3. Spend some time with loved ones.

Friends or family… it feels good to catch up, and it will make them feel better as well!

4. Wear something that makes you feel good.

Wearing flattering clothes is a must, and not just on a Sunday!

So go through that wardrobe and pick out something to make you feel like a star!

5. Indulge a little

It’s Sunday after all!

How do you spend your Sunday?



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