Understated Will Have You Rated!

The Dressing Room

Effortlessly understated . . Gemma Ward LOVE!!

Do you ever think how much more relaxed you would feel if it didn’t take you hours and hours prepping yourself for a day or night out???

Don’t ever be mislead that a little won’t take you a long way! This summer we say choose one key element with your make up and work it baby ..

            Summer Glow: leave the house all summer long looking like you have just come back from a relaxing summer vacay!

One of our favs to use is Natural Glamour ‘Summer’ glow AND it’s a mineral bronzer which is a bonus.

            Pouty Lips: A good lippy goes a long way. This season its all about bright and bold, we live by MAC ‘Morange’ LOVE LOVE LOVE.

TIP: Be sure to give your lips some TLC exfoliate them with a toothbrush to remove all the dead skin.

            Sultry Eyes: Check out Kim K for some inspiration on the smokey eye, if you still want a statement eye but

HATE using eye shadow opt for volume lashes which will definitely have people mesmerized by your stare.

For catwalk lashes our fav, a oldie but a goodie Dior Show ‘Blackout’ Mascara.


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